Supernovas Vision

The adoption of cryptocurrencies, and more widely, distributed ledger technologies, have catalyzed one of the most seismic societal paradigm shifts in modern history. There are three primary areas in which this fundamental shift can be identified:
  • Currencies and digital assets that allow transacting and investing outside the control and permission of any central authority or national government
  • Decentralized production, ownership, and trading of any form of digital content (i.e., social media, media content, etc.)
  • Decentralized primitives for founding and managing organizations that are not reliant on any traditional jurisdiction
For the first time, individuals are able to create and own their work, relationships, and communities in a decentralized way, and it is clear aiming towards a decentralized future is the only way forward. The best way to bring a decentralized future to life is to build it: Building a decentralized future is the sole reason for Supernovas existence. Supernovas’ vision is to build the ultimate decentralized platform for social media and commerce, in which content creators own their work, and content consumers have the chance to own and connect with content and content creators in a way that has never been possible before within the traditional financial system.
To begin our ascent, Supernovas will focus on bridging the gap between NFT marketplaces and social networks by aligning them under one platform. Creators having the ability to manifest their digital art dreams on the same platform where they can connect with the community that will consume their art is a powerful force that should not be underestimated. Throughout history, technology and culture have been one of the strongest joining and transformative forces that have shaped cultures, societies, and nation-states. NFT's, as both a technological advancement and a cultural renaissance, are no different.
Our evolution will land on Supernovas becoming a decentralized Super App, combining the best distributed technologies and its primitives to bring 1 billion people into our decentralized universe. Empowering 1 billion individuals globally with the economic freedom to earn, invest, and collaborate is our mission. We'll never stop, we'll never rest, until this goal is achieved.
Rasmus Lindman Founder & CEO of Supernovas Labs
Mikaela Mäensivu Founder & COO of Supernovas Labs