Minted on Supernovas

Supernovas tokenomics and structure are optimized to encourage genuine transactions, done by offering market-leading transaction fees in a form of DAO royalty, which the creator can set at 1-5% of transaction value. Furthermore, DAO royalties are used to benefit all token holders, with additional incentives for transaction activity.

Royalty usage

Transaction participants are rewarded according to royalties paid, as outlined in Creator and Collector Incentives. Royalties generated are used to purchase Supernovas token from the market. Until Marketplace Incentives last, all tokens purchased with Royalty revenues are burned. After the Marketplace Incentives are distributed, 50% of the tokens purchased are burned and 50% allocated to the creator, as outlined in Tokenomics.
NFT transactions with a creator royalty below DAO royalty are not eligible for rewards and the transaction fees are directed to DAO treasury to disincentivize wash trading
If it's not technically feasible to implement royalty splits, the associated transaction fees will have the same mechanism as above.

Minted elsewhere

In the future, Supernovas will aggregate NFT supply from other marketplaces. Those transactions are subject to transaction fees which will be determined based on the technical setup used and the costs associated.
The transaction fee revenue on the aggregated supply will be burned in full.