Supernovas will always have the community as its foundation and at the core of all activity. To stay true to our values, the only way forward is in creating Supernovas DAO.
In order to build a truly decentralized social network and marketplace, Supernovas will be creating a DAO for three reasons:
  1. 1.
    Decentralization of governance Decentralization is why and how Supernovas exists. Supernovas desires to be a platform in which the community members that provide value are able to capture that value, and also are able to decide what to do with it. Creating a DAO structure engages the Supernovas community, provides them the tools they need for governance and control, and unites them towards a common purpose. Simultaneously, it gives the community access to the financial upsides of ownership.
  2. 2.
    Community incentive alignment Community incentive alignment In comparison to traditional, VC-funded startups aiming towards a future ICO or acquisition to exit their venture and make a buck in the process, Supernovas will be community-owned from origination. This allows activating and incentivizing the community to participate. This is especially important when it comes to creators and collectors retaining full ownership of their work and monetizing it by owning a stake of the platform that they are building.
  3. 3.
    Value storage, transactions, and fundraising The organization will require funds to build operations, develop features, and to continue to scale the platform. A natural way for the DAO to function is through a DAO token. A DAO token would allow Supernovas to utilize it to deliver utility value, as a medium of exchange, a storage of value, and an incentive mechanism.
As the platform is being built, operational and decision-making agility will be crucial to efficiently navigate the organization. This will keep the governance of the DAO somewhat centralized for the initial phases of the operations. The vision for the DAO in the short-to-medium term is for the community to become more of a self-sustaining ecosystem, and for full governance and control of the DAO to transition to becoming fully decentralized.
Further information on Supernovas DAO can be found at DAO page.