Supernovas will start off with a top-tier social NFT marketplace and transition towards consumer social application with wider range of content and tailored discovery.

Starting point: The best possible NFT marketplace for Creators and Collectors

  • Social NFT marketplace with a modern and intuitive UX
  • Combining multiple chains to bring NFT minting and transactions under a single platform
  • Lowest gas and transaction fees to unlock the best possible place to mint NFTs
  • Superior DeSo Protocol social features integrated into Supernovas to supercharge our NFT community and features
  • Democratic tokenomics with attractive incentives to create and collect NFTs

Next step: Kick-start mainstream adoption

  • Utilize the NFT marketplace infrastructure and functionality to transition towards attracting general users by tailoring the experience towards content consumption while still keeping the characteristics of NFT’s
  • Leverage the infrastructure to build decentralized media consumption methods for new formats (e.g. video, music, e-commerce storefronts, audiobooks, e-books, tickets) as applications within Supernovas
  • Supercharge the DAO functionality by providing world-class governance, admin & launch tools

Expand towards a decentralized universe

  • Developer interfaces to enable an ecosystem of developers to leverage Supernovas
  • Advanced DAO tooling and compliance back-end to become the home for DAO creation
  • DeFi functionality for users to tap into decentralized finance protocols and productized loan protocols utilizing DeSo identity verification and social proof
  • Build decentralized consumer credit products on top of DeFi, by using creator coins, DAO tokens, as well as NFT assets as collateral
  • Decentralized, user-owned, and user-created metaverse with all the Supernovas and user-created applications and functions