Supernovas' growth strategy is specifically tailored to not only maximize the amount of genuine NFT transactions, but also to build a genuine, active community.
This is accomplished through a few foundational pillars: well-designed tokenomics that equally benefit all members, referral rewards for affiliate partners and community members, lucrative creator and collector incentive mechanisms, and airdrops to existing NFT communities and influencers.
The growth initiatives in tandem put a flywheel effect into motion. Creators are incentivized to promote their Supernovas NFT’s to collectors on their social channels and also to invite new creators to Supernovas through the referral program, enhancing the community growth, while improving community retention and experience through the aligned incentives.
Supernovas growth strategy allows fast-tracking to marketplace and social network liquidity. Eventually, further marketplace liquidity is achieved by pulling in existing NFT inventory from Opensea, ImmutableX, DeSo, and Solana NFT marketplaces to Supernovas, while offering the creators the benefits of Supernovas marketplace and social functions. Then, by providing a high-quality, comprehensive NFT inventory enhanced with social functionality, fast-tracking social network liquidity is unlocked. Fast-tracking is then further accelerated by activating the creators and collectors from each pulled NFT project, and the wider blockchain-native NFT communities.