Creator Acquisition

On the creator side, we rely on going direct to creators, as well as excellent referral program. These two tactics are the core of our growth plan and allow us to fast-track to marketplace liquidity and network effects.

Existing NFT Creators across different blockchains (e.g. ETH, SOL)

Attracting existing NFT creators will be imperative for Supernovas. The value propositions of the platform, community, and tokenomics will be in a key role in Supernovas' creator acquisition.
In addition, affiliate partnerships with Web3/NFT influencers in other communities and on DeSo will be utilized to attract creators through the referral rewards program (see Referrals for specifics).
Supernovas will also conduct an airdrop to qualifiable NFT creators on the main existing marketplaces, more information on the airdrop here.

New NFT Creators

Engaging the mainstream and onboarding traditional artist community outside of NFT's will be at the center of Supernovas growth strategy.
To raise awareness among the non-NFT creator communities, Supernovas will utilize the existing community through referral rewards, conduct targeted ad campaigns in traditional design communities, and leverage influencers as affiliate partners through content creation (e.g. interviews, promoted social media posts).
Supernovas will also reach out to the artist community through local market immersion by tapping into physical communities and hosting events, while being an industry educator in the Web3/NFT space, and creating content that teaches new NFT artists how they can launch successful NFT projects.