Collector Acquisition

Existing NFT Collectors across different blockchains (e.g. ETH, SOL)

Supernovas will leverage affiliate partnerships with major active Web3/NFT influencers to raise awareness among NFT collectors via a lucrative referral rewards program in Supernovas tokens for transactions made by referred accounts (see Referrals for specifics).
Existing collectors active on main NFT marketplaces (e.g. OpenSea, Foundation, MagicEden) will also be targeted with social platform ads and email campaigns.
In addition, Supernovas will airdrop tokens to qualifiable NFT collectors on current marketplaces, further information on the airdrop here.

New NFT Collectors

Onboarding new NFT collectors will be a focus area for Supernovas to achieve wider reach in the mainstream audience.
New prospective collectors will be targeted with ads on traditional social media channels and crypto communities with educational materials on Web2 vs. Web3 and power of NFT's.
Supernovas will also utilize the extended networks of our existing community through our referral program to reach out to and welcome new users to Supernovas.
Supernovas will also leverage affiliate partnerships with technology, mathematics, cryptocurrency, science, and engineering influencers to drive referrals of new Supernovas collectors