Core Team

Rasmus Lindman, CEO & Board Member

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CEO and founder of Supernovas. Responsible for Supernovas strategy and long-term planning as well as vision and fundraising. Sets the direction the company takes with the product, business, and capital allocation.


Built and launched his first startup, Feddy, in 2015. Feddy was one of the first on-demand delivery startups in Finland.
Joined Uber operations team 2016 and was part of the re-launch in Finland in 2018. Lead the scaling of the Marketplace in the Nordics on the driver-side for three years.
Joined Rocket Internet to lead startup Franksmile in 2019 as a Senior Expansion Manager. Lead the international expansion of the company.
Joined IQM Quantum Computers as the Head of Business Development in 2020, in which he helped to close the first ever sale of a quantum computer to the Finnish Government for 20 million.

Mikaela Mäensivu, COO & Chairman of the Board

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COO and founder of Supernovas. Responsible for leading Supernovas operations, growth, marketing and recruiting. As Chairman of the Board, she holds the CEO accountable for delivering the long-term vision.


Worked in talent acquisition for Goldman Sachs supporting the build-out of product, marketing and tech teams for the Apple Card from 2017-2020 before moving to Finland in 2020
Did growth hacking for in Helsinki before moving to Truly Agency as a Growth Hacking Lead from 2020-2021
Worked as a Social Media Content & Community Manager for Girls Who Travel (now named Her Adventures) from 2018 to 2021, scaling the community from 0-80,000+

Valtteri Juvonen, CTO

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Chief Technology Officer for Supernovas and part of the founding team. Full-stack software developer with blockchain experience. Leads the building of Supernovas technology for optimal product experience. The decision-maker on technical questions, like how to set up technical architecture, build features according to the spec, and lead the engineering organization to deliver them.


A lifelong software hobbyist and enthusiast of full-stack and blockchain development. Prior to working full-time at Supernovas, he supported Live Nation’s event production for mainstream artists like Metallica and Muse, while managing an event staff team of 70.
Studied software engineering at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Kyle Reynolds, Senior Full-Stack Engineer

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Senior full-stack engineer at Supernovas. Responsibilities include full-stack development of Supernovas platform, blockchain and NFT features, and multi-chain capabilities. Ensures the technical execution of building the platform


Multiple years of software engineering and full-stack development experience with e.g. React, Node.js, Solidity, and Python for multiple companies. Founded an NFT project will full-stack website application to mint and distribute NFT's.

Niko Ekblom, Operations Lead

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Operations Lead of Supernovas and part of the founding team. Responsible for Supernovas business operations and the marketplace. Ensures that users get the support they need and increases engagement by helping to foster an active community.


Spent seven years working on operations for consumer electronics retail chain Gigantti, part of Norwegian Elkjøp-group in Nordics. During this time, he worked in several operations positions supporting both the store and aftersales areas of the business.

Juho-Pekka Penttinen, Head of Strategy and Operations

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Head of Strategy and Operations for Supernovas. Responsibly for strategic and operational aspects of the business. Ensures operational capability of the business and guiding strategic decision-making and guidelines for Supernovas. Responsibilities range from high-level advisory to guaranteeing implementation and execution of Supernovas vision and strategy.


Multiple years of management consulting experience at Bain & Company and Strategy&. Significant experience as a trusted advisor helping globally-leading corporations and principal investors from multiple industries with a results-oriented approach. His primary focus has been in Technology and Private Equity.